About us


XRHuman, is a cross-industry XR / metaverse, avatar as-a-services platform for realistic and interactive virtual b2b environments, with personal avatars and Ai-assistants. AI will enable us and our clients to create immersive and interactive experiences that are responsive to user interactions. For example, AI-powered chatbots can enable users to communicate in a more natural and intuitive manner.

Human extended reality (XR) and Ai, offer enterprises a powerful tool for, training, simulations, collaboration, product design or prototyping. By visualizing and manipulating virtual models, medical experts, designers, engineers etc. can accelerate processes, reduce costs, and improve planning or product quality by connecting and using digital twins.

XRHuman revolutionizes remote communication in a hybrid or new work environment.

The combination of AI and the metaverse has unlocked a new era of business growth and innovation

Meet the Team

The captivating metaverses crafted by XRhuman are not the work of a single individual, but rather the result of a dedicated team. Our XRhuman team consists out of serial entrepreneurs, XR veterans, skilled programmers & machine learning experts, passionated 3D artists and forward thinking management with extensive years of experience.

Vladimir Puhalac

Board of directors & Founder

Sascha Cramer

Project Manager

Business Platform Leveraging Mixed Reality

At XR Human, we believe that in near term future every person will have own digital twins, Ai based virtual assistants or personal Interoperable avatars.

Our goal is to create digital twins of humans, objects, spaces and machines or whole worlds to be as realistic as possible for digital twining. Which allow enterprises, teams and people to have a seamless transition between physical and extended realities.

AI is playing an increasingly important role in the development and expansion of XR and the metaverse, enabling more personalized, interactive, and dynamic experiences for users

A Metaverse Tailored to Your Desires


Begin with our default spaces or collaborate with us to build your unique setting for hosting virtual seminars, presentations, or events. We’re more than ready to cater to any distinct work necessity of your industry with bespoke solutions and features explicitly designed for you.

XRhuman employs a cloud-based architecture, simplifying the transmission of web-based data into the metaverse. This greatly eases the construction of interfaces for video conferences, office applications, and all web-based programs.

Core Capabilities

Speech to Gesture Conversion
Our advanced AI voice analysis system automatically translates the emotions expressed in your speech into facial expressions and body movements for your digital avatar. In addition, a broad array of pre-defined emotions are available to aid you in virtual communication.
Scalable Toolkit
Every one of our metaverses begins with a fundamental but perpetually extendable array of virtual tools commonly found in a contemporary work setting. For example, you can jot down notes or employ a laser pointer to guide your audience’s attention.
Spatial Audio & Personalized Audio Zones
Just like in reality, individuals in our metaverse will sound differently to you based on your position relative to their avatars. Within private audio zones, you can entirely seclude yourself from ambient noise and have a private conversation with a colleague.
Data Synchronization via WebView/API
Our cloud-based architecture enables the transfer of data and interfaces from various applications into your metaverse via WebView or API. We also support integration of NFTs and blockchain servers, transforming your metaverse into a cutting-edge trading platform for digital assets.

Work Environments of the Future

Collaborative Virtual Environments

Engage with team members for discussions, collaborative tasks, and learning sessions, no matter your location. This approach not only saves time and money but also contributes positively to the environment.


Seamless Access Without Hurdles

Regardless of your chosen medium – be it video chat, VR headsets, or a browser – you can utilize XRhuman to connect with your team members without facing any technical barriers.


Customized Workspace Environments

We craft a metaverse that caters to all your requirements and imaginations, transcending physical boundaries, with workspaces personalized just for you.


Enter the Third Dimension!

Leveraging our high-definition technology, we can craft a personal avatar for your metaverse that surpasses all other offerings currently available in the market.

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Hybrid Avatars

Created from 1 photos of your choice

Head remodeling

Choice of different premade bodies and clothing

High quality & flexible solution for avatar creation

Crafting Your Personal Avatar

Our technology enables us to create a highly detailed avatar that closely resembles your physical appearance from one image. This enables immersive virtual interactions with colleagues, fostering a sense of personal connection akin to reality. We can generate your digital twin simulating facial expressions and body movements. Additionally, if desired, we can incorporate additional skills or abilities. Ever dreamt of flying from one meeting to another like Superman or Wonder Woman? In virtual reality, that’s easily achievable!